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Todas as fotos do último evento


Todas as fotos do último evento


10 Million strong for nasa is not a far fetched dream

no one knows how to coin phrases better than raila odinga. Now,
interior cs joseph nkaisery warns that the 10 million strong nasa
phrase is an incitement.

The 10 million strong phrase is based on actual numbers. It is based
on established voting patterns. In 2013, jubilee coined tyranny of
numbers. No one raised eyebrows. Now, deputy president william ruto
says jubilee will win by 70 plus one. If 10 million strong is an
incitement, then 70 plus one should also be an incitement. The double
standards should stop.


maize imports show rot in jubilee

the corruption in jubilee knows no depths, it knows no shame, it knows
no conscience. For how can you claim to have ordered maize from mexico
and yet the consignment arrives in three days? kenyans are not stupid
to be duped this way.

A modern kenya should not be run this way.all the evidence points to
william ruto's hand in the maize scandal. It must be remebered that
ruto is in a race to catch up with the kenyatta and moi dynasties both
in scope of money, and depth of politics.

Further, ruto is campaigning for 2022 elections, never mind we have
not held the 2017 elections.

ruto shows unequivocally that the way to get rich is not hardwork and
innovation, but to steal and plunder.


uhuru to move to private house opposite statehouse

As Ruto built a 1 billion house in eldoret, uhuru would not be left
behind. his family will move into a 700 million house opposite
statehouse. It is unthinkable that a country as underdeveloped as
kenya would ooze such opulence. It must not be forgoten that Kenya is
one of the most unequal countries in the world. True to his statement;
uhuru anakula nyama wengine tukimeza mate


nasa principals to retreat to their base

owing to the acrimonius path in selecting their flagbearer, nasa
coprincipals will head to their respective bases to mend fences. the
shambolic party nominations add to this credence.

this comes in the wake of the 10 million nasa registered voters that
nasa hopes to turn to the polling booths. If nasa hopes to win in the
august polls, it must radically increase its voter turnout.

electoral register shows nasa has more supporters than jubilee

according to the electoral register, nasa has more supporters than
jubilee. nasa has close to a million more registered voters than

However, the key thing to watch will be voter turnout. voter apathy in
central as well as notoriously low voter turnout in western and coast
will complicate matters for both parties

raila dismisses midiwo's claims to destroy odm

raila odinga has dismissed his cousin, jakoyo midiwo's claims that he
will expose the rot in odm if he is not odm's flagbearer in Gem.
Further, raila says that if his hand was in the nomination process he
would have helped his brother, oburu odinga win the nomination.

raila dismisses claims that nasa has created non existent positions

in a live interview with citizen, nasa's flagbearer raila odinga has
dismissed uhuruto claims that the positions nasa has created are
unconstitutional. nasa created the position of premier cs, which in
effect makes musalia mudavadi the prime minister if nasa wins the

hussein mohammed angers raila during live television interview

citizen tv's hussein mohammed angered raila odinga when he was asked
whether he will a one term president.

the nasa flagbearer only repeated that he would be kenya's joshua to
take kenya to the promised land.

raila hopes that the opposition wins in ghana and gambia will energise
his campaign and set a precedent for kenya's opposition win.


maina kamanda concedes defeat to jaguar

maina kamanda conceded defeat to musician charles njagua kanyi after
the jubilee tribunal overturned kamandas win. the kigeugeu hit singer
will face off steve mbogo of odm and activist boniface mwangi

willy paul storms out of groove awards ceremony

this years groove awards ceremony has tightened its ropes as it wants
only true gospel artistes to get the awards. both willy paul and
bahati names are missing from the groove nominations list

railas cousin, jakoyo midiwo threatens to destroy odm

in nyanza, the odm nominations are the real elections. when jakoyo
midiwo lost, he knew he had had lost his seat. but midiwo now
threatens to destroy odm if he is not given the ticket. but the
question midiwo poses is how do you reward loyal party members that
have helped the party but lost support on the ground?

Mt.Kenya politicians blame dp ruto

william kabogo cites that the reason for his gubernatorial loss in
kiambu is because he dared say that dp ruto should not expect
automatic support from central in 2022. the politicians say that the
reason for their loss was because ruto was heavily involved in the
nomination process.

kalonzo blames DP ruto for his woes

nasa deputy presidential candidate kalonzo has blamed dp ruto for
freezing the accounts of the kalonzo musyoka foundation. Kalonzo has
been a target for jubilee who have sought to weaken nasa several


What is the fee structure for private universities?

Private Universities differ in their fee structure, and also, depending on the course that one wants to study. However, as a general rule, the tuition fee is usually between Kshs.40,000 all the way up to Kshs.400,000 per academic year. Please check the individual university for the fee structure.