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Uhuru has to be a one term president

In everything, there has to be a first. For President uhuru kenyatta, he has to be kenya's first one term president. President kenyt...


Uhuru has to be a one term president

In everything, there has to be a first. For President uhuru kenyatta,
he has to be kenya's first one term president.

President kenytta has failed to deliver on all his campaign promises.
The laptops that he promised pupils remains a pie in the sky idea.
President kenyatta downgraded that to tablets for a few selected

President kenyatta promised ethnic harmony, he deivered ethnic hate.
He promised to unite, he became a divider in chief.

In promise after promise, uhuru has failed. Its why he must wear the
tag of being Kenya's first one term president.


Ghana and Gambia sitting Presidents lost.Uhuru should be next.

The winds of change are sweeping African opposition parties. A decade
ago, it was unheard of for a sitting president to lose. In 1991, the
then DR Congo wondered how Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda could have lost an
election he organised. Late last year, we had two african opposition
wins back to back.

Ghana and Gambia represent what the future of african democracy should
be. The opposition wins in these two countries represent a triumph for
african opposition.

Kenyan opposition alliance, Nasa, must put its act together.Let not
the choice of its flagbearer distract it from its mission, that is, to
liberate Kenya from the yoke of oppression.

Nasa must make it 3 out of 3 for African opposition.That is its core mandate.


Nasa has to not just win, it must usher in a revolution

The opposition alliance, Nasa is poised for a major win in
August.Contrary to jubilee propaganda, nasa has more supporters than
Jubilee. What it just needs is to convert this many supporters into
actual votes.

In this then, nasa has to approach the august polls from a
technocratic angle. This then means that nasa has to have a perfect
voter turn out.

nasa has to aim for a win yes, but most of all, it must make kenyans
shift allegiance from their tribe to the larger kenyan nation state.

Tanzanians are unified by undugu. Ugandans are unified by their
royalty. Kenyans should be unified by economic prosperity. This is as
it should be.


Nasa must not rush to select its flagbearer

Everyone keeps wondering who Nasa's flagbearer for President will be.
But rather than rush, I would opine that nasa looks for the flagbearer
that will espouse the hopes and dreams of Kenyans.

Incase you have forgotten, remember that in 2002, the Narc coalition
did not have a candidate weeks before the general election.

In august, we need a revolution, not just a win. We need to revive the
2002 euphoria moment. In 2002, after narc's win, Kenyans were ranked
the world's most optimistic people. The conservative economist
magazine described Kenya as a beacon of hope for Africa.

This is the spirit we must revive. And it starts with the careful
selection of Nasa's presidential candidate.


Nasa must be the complete opposite of Jubilee

The opposition alliance, Nasa must be so different from Jubilee that
someone will never ask what its mission is.

Jubilee has chosen to be a party that is held together by dirty money
and tribalists. Indeed dirty money and tribalism is the main meal in

Nasa must be the complete antithesis to Jubilee. It must bring light
to Jubilee's darkness. In essence then, it must be a party of
idealists that is dedicated to service to Kenya.

The men and women that make up Nasa must project their vision to
Kenya. With time, it will stick.

When that happens, Kenya will takeoff. its that simple.


Raila kalonzo Mou does not stand up to scrutiny

This is not the first time an Mou has been broken. We had the famous
Raila Kibaki Mou that was broken in the wee hours of 2003.

In Britain, we had the scuffle between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown getting ugly.

The Raila Kalonzo Mou is invalid since Raila never became president.

It would be absurd to expect another Kibaki tosha moment this late in the game.

The absolute truth is that Raila has never recovered from the Kibaki
tosha moment.

The cord principals should not expect endorsement from Raila.

The humiliation from Kibaki inner circle serves as a poignant example.
Alternatively, each of the cord principals should make a separate run
to gauge their strength before hammering a post election deal.

In that case then, their chief goal would be to stop uhuru from
reaching the 50 percent threshold in round one.


uhuru has turned out to be a divider in chief

President Uhuru Kenyatta preaches unity many times. But does he really
practice it? I would surmise that he doesn't practice it.

The fact is that tribalism is what really propelled uhuru to the
presidency. Icc added juice to the carefully prepared tribal meal.

If tribalism propelled uhuru to the presidency, how can he eliminate it?

Uhuru cannot stand the scrutiny of issues. He has to fall back to the
tribe for survival. And his supporters cheer him.

Its indicative of how low we have sunk as a nation.


uhuru angry outbursts hide his incompetence

For the last two weeks, uhuru has not been presidential. but why does
uhuru react angrily ? turkana governor josphat nanok,raised legitimate
issues about oil in turkana. so did mombasa givernor ali hassan joho.

in 2013, uhuru used icc to rally up his base. in 2017, there is no
icc. angry outbursts will be uhurus weapon of choice this time round.
sadly, a script cannot be replayed twice. in hindsight, uhuru must
find other ways to counter the massive voter apathy that central will
experience. its his only hope.


uhuru should have launched projects on day one

five years is a short time in politics as in life. the truth is that
uhuruto are launching projects this late because they have barely
performed. these projects are white elephants. they will never be

imagine you own a company. would you renew the contract of an employee
that has not performed? of course not. that is as it should be.


Launching last minute projects will not save Jubilee

Let's first clear the air. Anyone that is launching projects this late
in the game is not being sincere.

Where have Uhuruto been in the last five years? Why the sudden rush to
commission last minute white elephant projects?

The fact is that Uhuruto have done zero work in the last five years.
Jubilee knows no other language apart from stealing.

Under Jubilee, tenderpreneurs have seen their stomachs expand. Every
one else has been left behind. This has truly been a government of
kusema na 'kutender'

That's why we must send jubilee home yesterday. Its the only way to
rescue the sinking kenyan ship.
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