Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Jubilee Voter Knows He Was Conned, But Will He Have The Courage To Cross To Opposition?

The tragedy of Kenyan politics is that we discriminate based on tribe, and not on issues. For if we discriminated on issues, Jubilee would by now have no supporter.

Let's first peel the onion on Jubilee. Jubilee promised us laptops for standard one pupils on day one. In true fashion, this would have aligned with the so called 'digital campaign' of Jubilee. However, even at this late in the game, no concrete action has been taken to fulfil this campaign promise. Tablets to a few selected schools is all Jubilee has to show us.

Think about it. In the current world, a standard seven pupil can access the same information that previously would only be accessible to a high flying Harvard Professor. The schools digital program would have unlocked so many opportunities that would have made Kenya successfully take off.

This is the kind of reasoning that the Jubilee voter has to think about. If he had thought this way, UhuRuto would have been sent off packing yesterday. But will they listen, of course not.

And now, more than ever, UhuRuto are launching last minute projects in Central and Rift Valley in a bid to drive up voter enthusiasm. This is the highest degree of conmanship that Jubilee is engaged in.

How did Kibaki, with all his weaknesses, launch free primary education on day one? Where did Kibaki get the money for free primary education on day one? Where did Kibaki get the money for thousands of kilometers of tarmac roads? Why does Uhuru always seem to jump from one white elephant project to another? Why does he always seem to launch projects that are about to start, but never projects that have been completed?

If the Jubilee voter weighs all the facts to scale, he will know that Uhuru has been an utter failure. But of course, Uhuru will hide his incompetence by inflating his kikuyuness. Inflating his kikuyuness has helped him this far. But all is not lost. Someday, the Jubilee voter will dissect this dichotomy and embrace true leadership.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Ghana's Opposition Passed The Baton To Kenya's Opposition, We Must Run With It

Last week, Ghana got a new President, Nana Akufo Addo. One election observer noted that the country had set the gold standard for African democracy. And she could be right, in neighboring Gambia, the incumbent President, Yahya Jammeh, has challenged the election results even though he had earlier on, he had conceded defeat.

But we shouldn't forget that in 2002, Kenya was in the same shining spot that Ghana is currently in. The respected conservative newsmagazine, The Economist, noted that Kenya had become a beacon of hope for African democracy. The New York Times, noted that Kenya's strongman, Daniel Arap Moi, had been ejected by a popular uprising. Even noted Nigerian respectable publication, This Day, had a congratulatory comment on the 2002 moment.

Now, more than ever, Kenya's opposition must recreate the 2002 scenario. But it must be an even better uprising. It must be a resolve to not only remove Jubilee from power, but also a dedication to improve the affairs of Kenya in all its endeavors. Back in 2003, the late John Michuki chided that there was no need for reforms because Moi was already out of power.

This must not be the direction of the opposition in 2017. Yes, Jubilee must be kicked out of power by any means necessary. But by and large, it should be because all opposition members share a common creed of bringing genuine reforms to Kenya. Otherwise, it would be replacing one group of oppressors with another, which would be unfortunate.

Think of the enthusiasm of January 2003. Free primary education was implemented on day one, whereas at present, Jubilee's promise of laptops for standard one remains a pie in the sky idea. The late Karisa Maitha, a cabinet minister, openly swept the streets to encourage servant leadership. Right now, cabinet secretaries are stealing billions as if the world will end tomorrow. Back then, citizens openly arrested corrupt police officers, but now citizens have lost hope as Jubilee makes theft of billions seem like child's play.

In short, the opposition must work day and night to kick Jubilee out of power. But in the same vein, it should have an accompanying reform agenda to start implementing on day one. That is the only way to set Kenya on a pedestal, not only in the region, but in Africa.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Goal For Opposition Must Be A Near Perfect Voter Turnout

Here is the plain fact. If millions attend your rallies but none turns out to vote, you lose the election. And this is the opposition's dilemma. Contrary to what the over inflated Political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi says, Jubilee does not have more supporters than the opposition. What it has is an elaborate strategy to get voters to the polling booths, often with the help of government machinery.

This is an anomaly the opposition must address. For in fact, if the opposition were to have a near perfect voter turn out, it wouldn't even need Central and large chunks of the Rift Valley. For let's face it, Western, Coast, and Ukambani are notoriously low voter turn out regions. Most of them- at least million- who are eligible to vote don't have national identity cards.

The path to an opposition victory must not be so much a political route as it should be a technocratic one. The focus should not just be on the political message, but also on the nitty gritty of delivering a handy election win.

In my estimation, the opposition must separate the Presidential campaign from other campaigns, just as it separates the political wing of the party from the technocratic wing. This is the only assured path to a landslide victory by the opposition.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

How Can Jubilee Use Technology in Membership Recruitment But Reject it in Elections?

Yesterday, Jubilee introduced a smart card for its members. Jubilee tauts that the smart card will help it register as many members as possible. But here is the catch. Jubilee says that the smart cards will help its nominations to be above board.

This is being hypocritical at best. How can Jubilee say that the smart card will help its nominations to be above board but yet refuse the same technology in the general elections? So, Jubilee is not opposed to technology per se- otherwise it would not have introduced the smart cards- Jubilee doesn't want technology in elections since it will curb massive rigging. That is the sole reason why Jubilee is opposed to electronic elections.

Jubilee says that it wants a manual back up for the elections, does it have a manual backup for the smart cards? Of course not. You cannot claim technology is good since it helps curb rigging in nominations, but then reject it when it helps curb rigging in general elections.

Studies have shown that the longer the results take to be announced, the higher the chances of rigging. This is what digital technology in elections aims to curb.

The other point was that the technology could fail in remote areas. But the counter argument is elections technology doesn't need internet, just as the smart card doesn't need internet.

Deploying technology in your membership drive and  nominations , but rejecting it in general elections, shows Jubilee is hell bent on rigging the forthcoming elections. We cannot afford one more day of Jubilee incompetence. We must remain vigilant as Jubilee tries to hang to power by hook or crook. That is the only way we can steer this country to the right direction.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Jubilee should be worried about its own survival than wishing NASA Collapse

Jubilee mandarins are busy at work forecasting about the impending collapse of the main opposition coalition, NASA. Let me state from the outset that this is being farcical at best.

Now that there is no ICC, Jubilee should be worried about Ruto's asking price. Jubilee is not held together by ideals and principles . Far from it. It is held together by the fact that everyone is allowed to steal. Uhuru has his own ways of stealing. But, more poignantly, let Jubilee cut off Ruto's access to big money and we'll see if it survives. Let Jubilee cut off the endless supply of cash to its members and we'll see if it holds together.
Jubilee claims that NASA will disintegrate sooner than it was formed. But I would opine that the real house of cards is Jubilee. Its members shout the loudest about principles, but all they know about is dirty money.

I want to assure Jubilee that the opposition will create an even better coalition than the 2002 NARC. And for your information, NARC did not have a Presidential candidate four months into the election. And it steal beat KANU's Uhuru Kenyatta hands down.

The path to an opposition victory is clear. It is well established. It does not depend on missteps by Jubilee, but on an elaborate vision of inclusion and prosperity for the country. This is the solemn pact that the opposition has with the people of the Kenya. And I believe that the Kenyan electorate will vindicate us.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

We Need More African Countries to set the Gold standard for Democracy, Not Just Ghana Alone

On Saturday, Ghana had a new President, Nana Akufo Addo. Africa was enchanted not just for his win, but more importantly, because he was an opposition candidate running against an incumbent, John Mahama.

Anywhere in the world, running against an incumbent is hard enough. In Africa, it is daunting. An African incumbent could rig the elections without being caught. He could use the civil service, or worse, he could refuse to vacate office even if defeated, Gambia's Yahya Jammeh has done.

The fact that Ghana managed a Presidential transition even better than America shows that the future for democracy in Africa is bright, all we need to do is to strengthen it.

But even as a country, we experienced the Ghana moment in 2002. In 2002, the opposition coalition, Narc, under Mwai Kibaki, handily beat KANU's Uhuru Kenyatta. The Conservative economist magazine described Kenya as a beacon of hope for Africa. Kenyans were ranked the world's most optimistic people. Citizens openly arrested corrupt police officers. The late Karisa Maitha openly swept the streets to encourage servant leadership.

This is the spirit that Kenya's opposition must recreate. This is the spirit that must reign supreme during the elections. For in the end, Africa badly needs genuine success stories in democracy, and Ghana alone is not enough. We need dozens of such stories, and Kenya must take its place among these. It's the only way we can emancipate ourselves from the joke that is Jubilee.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Fact: UhuRuto had no agenda for Kenya besides Escaping the ICC

President Uhuru Kenyatta just made another foreign trip again. He flew to India again. But why is Uhuru Kenyatta this restless? For the fact is that Uhuru has travelled more than a typical US Secretary of State, but with just one percent of the workload.

But even then, his problem is not just his constant travels abroad, but that he does not implement anything he learns from his trips abroad. If Uhuru were clever, after his trip to Israel, he would have implemented desert farming in Israel to ukambani and northern Kenya. These areas are fertile even as they are drought ridden, and an appropriate irrigation technology would have seen these regions become the bread basket of not just Kenya, but the region and Africa as well.

If Uhuru were brilliant, he would have implemented venture capital financing in Israel to our small and medium businesses. Studies have shown that the SME sector accounts for at least 90 percent of jobs in Kenya. This shows Uhuru just travels to bowl and to entertain his Facebook fans.

But even if he needed to travel abroad, why shouldn't he at least make Kenya to be at least as those countries, or even better? Why doesn't he make Kenya like, or even better than Israel. Why doesn't he make Kenya to be same as Qatar, or even better than it? Why doesn't he strive to make Africa the same or better than America?

If Uhuru wanted to learn how to tackle corruption, he would have flown in the morning to see Magufuli in Tanzania, and by lunch time he would be back. If Uhuru wanted to learn about progress and development, he would have flown in the morning  to Rwanda to see Kagame, then be back by lunchtime.

The parting shot is that other than escaping the ICC, Uhuru did not have a genuine desire to serve Kenya. Its why he should have been ejected from Statehouse yesterday, because he's a great cost to this country.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Opposition's game plan to winning in 2017 is clear- Get as many Voters to the Polling Booths as possible.

In 2013, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his nemesis, William Ruto, hammered a false but intense message that the white man was after them. UhuRuto hammered home the message that neo colonialism was about to creep back to Kenya. They told the Kikuyu voters that their prince- Uhuru, was about to be hanged in the Hague in Netherlands. Ruto mistakenly hammered home that Koitalel was about to be jailed in Netherlands.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Jubilee should know that even dictators have their day when they run out of ideas.

The Jubilee inner core seems to believe that the party will rule Kenya forever. In President Uhuru Kenyatta's words, the rest of us will be salivating as he and his mandarins eat 'nyama' everyday. But I would like to believe that Uhuru coat hangers have not read history. There was a day when Uganda's Idi Amin thought he would rule forever. But he was eventually kicked out. There was a day when the DR Congo strongman, Mobutu Sese Seko, thought he would rule forever, but in the end he was eventually kicked out. There was a day when white supremacists who ran the apartheid system in South Africa thought they would rule forever. They were handily beaten down.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Opposition should be watchful of Jubilee stealing Votes in Central and Rift Valley

President Uhuru Kenyatta has no signature line for his 2017 presidential bid. He has tried to accuse the opposition that it is receiving aid from the West to destabilise the government. Why bring up the ICC debate now? Why bing in foreign NGOs funding now? This is to create a feeling of siege mentality in Central, and help tilt the election in its favour.

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