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Every President has a signature achievement. What is Uhuru's achievement?

The United States has the proverbial 100 days timeline in which a President's short time achievements are measured. This saturday, Donal...


Every President has a signature achievement. What is Uhuru's achievement?

The United States has the proverbial 100 days timeline in which a President's short time achievements are measured. This saturday, Donald Trump marks his 100 days in office. Uhuru Kenyatta first term in office is almost over. But what is his signature achievement?

Former President Moi mishandled the economy. You could criticise him for that.  But you cannot take away the fact that he oversaw political stability in Kenya. Similarly, President Mwai Kibaki launched the free primary education on day one of his administration. President Uhuru Kenyatta was supposed to copy paste this into a laptops for standard one pupils on day one. But what did Uhuru do? He sidestepped this important project  and downgraded it to a few tablets to some selected schools. Another Kibaki achievement saw thousands of kilometers of roads being tarmacked. What does Uhuru do? He launches a government online portal that showcases his projects during the first term- all of them non existent white elephant projects.


Jubilee's binding glue is corruption and theft. Nasa's sticking point must be service to country

The August 8th election is fast approaching. In this election, there couldn't be a clear difference between Jubilee and Nasa as it is now. What we must note is that Jubilee has underperformed on all fronts. It is bound by corruption and dirty money. In deed, the way to get rich in Jubilee is not profound ideas, innovation, and hard work. It is through your proximity to power.

No administration has been as corrupt as Jubilee. Stealing a billion shillings is now child's play. In the years past, for one to steal a billion shillings, they had to cheat really hard. But this is no longer the case under Jubilee.Under Jubilee, inventing a multi billion shilling scam is child's play. This is a country that in the words of JM Kariuki, has become a country of 10 millionaires and ten million beggars. This should change as a matter of priority.


Jubilee has run the country exactly the same way it has run its nominations

When Raphael Tuju speaks, you would think that he is speaking to an American audience. His actions however, betray his words. Think of the way Jubilee has run its nominations. Jubilee promised that the party would not tolerate any sort of chaos. But what did we witness, a whole cancellation of the chaotic process.

Now, lets connect Jubilee's rhetoric with its achievements. Jubilee promised laptops for standard one on day one. What did we end up having? Tablets for a few selected schools. Think of another Jubilee promise. The standard gauge railway. Jubilee promised the SGR project will be completed within the campaign schedule. What did we end up having- a corruption with several multi billion shillings wasted. Think of another one. Jubilee promised delivery of projects on time. What do we end up having? A portal created to showcase Jubilees projects, many of them non existent white elephant projects.

On every single parameter, Jubilee scores a failing grade. Its nominations was just the tip of the iceberg. Its why we should do away with Jubilee promises. It is time we assessed Uhuruto by who they really are. A duo that is sinking the Kenyan ship every single day. Its why we must do away with Uhuruto, and by extension, Jubilee.


our parties are only interested in nomination fees, not credible primaries

the shambolic elections by jubilee has not come as a surprise.
conducting nominations on a single day was not only difficult, but
impossible too.

we must energise our parties. the correct way to do that is not for
our parties to be mere election vehicles. they must be places where
real debate takes place. they must be places where ideas are traded.

in party states like china, those with profound ideas rise to the top.
so must it be in kenya.


nasa pentagon must recreate the 2002 opposition euphoria

at last, nasa has shown the mettle that it is made of. by isaac ruto
joining the top tier of nasa, the national credentials for nasa is now

nasa must now move forward and recreate the 2002 opposition euphoria
that saw kanu edged out of power. in 2002,after opposition win, the
economist described kenya as a beacon of hope for africa. in
2002,after opposition win, kenyans were ranked the worlds most
optimistic people.

this is the spirit that nasa must recreate. contrary to jubilees hopes
that nasa will crumble, it has become bigger and better. and that is
as it should be.


only raila has the gravitas to bring change to kenya

the election day is fast approaching. Kenyans must make a tough choice
in august. Do we have the same tired jubilee reclaiming power and
consigning kenya to an absolute low standard, or do we choose a
different path in the direction of social justice espoused by nasa?

kenya is at crossroads. corruption has never been higher. tribalism
rears its ugly head time and time again. this has truly been a
government of kusema na 'kutender'.

odm and nasa in general must drive kenya through a path of social
justice more in the path of sweden and norway. that is odm's sole
mandate. that is nasa's clarion call.


Uhuru has burdened our great grandchildren with huge debt

President Uhuru Kenyatta is at it once again. President Ke4nyatta is not ashamed of  borrowing. He says that the only only problem is when the borrowed money is looted. And looting is what his four year administration has done. President Kenyatta has himself alluded that high level corruption cuts through the office of the Presidency. If Uhuru is unable to fight graft, who will?


4 years on, Jubilee has failed to deliver

Every president, no matter their stature, achieves something during
their time in office. for moi, it was political stability. for kibaki,
it was free primary education. what has uhuru achieved in the last
four years?i would posit that uhuru has achieved nothing.

the laptops for standard one pupils did not take off. ethnic harmony
was replaced with ethnic hate and exclusion. the SGR remains mired in
deep corruption.

in short, uhuru did not have an agenda in seeking the highest office
in land. its why he must be kenyas first one term president.


is joho the heir apparent to raila?

raila may have found his heir apparent. it is hassan ali joho. like
raila, he's picked up fights with raila. like raila, he is a social
democrat. like raila, he is hated by the powers that be. like Raila he
represents a constituency that has been marginalised since
independence. thats why governor joho deserves a front row seat

direct tickets spoils the party for odm

odm claims it is a social democratic party. however it has however
failed to live by its word. some of the people that got direct tickets
have been anything but stellar. take evans kidero for example. what
has he done for nairobi in the last four years? absolutely nothing.

some claim that people that got direct tickets have helped the party
by word and deed. it is time for odm to focus on leaders that deliver
to the electorate, not just to the party.


Ghana and Gambia sitting Presidents lost.Uhuru should be next.

The winds of change are sweeping African opposition parties. A decade
ago, it was unheard of for a sitting president to lose. In 1991, the
then DR Congo wondered how Zambia's Kenneth Kaunda could have lost an
election he organised. Late last year, we had two african opposition
wins back to back.

Ghana and Gambia represent what the future of african democracy should
be. The opposition wins in these two countries represent a triumph for
african opposition.

Kenyan opposition alliance, Nasa, must put its act together.Let not
the choice of its flagbearer distract it from its mission, that is, to
liberate Kenya from the yoke of oppression.

Nasa must make it 3 out of 3 for African opposition.That is its core mandate.

The Goal For Opposition Must Be A Near Perfect Voter Turnout

Here is the plain fact. If millions attend your rallies but none turns out
to vote, you lose the election. And this is the opposition's dilemma.
Contrary to what the over inflated Political Scientist Mutahi Ngunyi says,
Jubilee does not have more supporters than the opposition. What it has is
an elaborate strategy to get voters to the polling booths, often with the
help of government machinery.

This is an anomaly the opposition must address. For in fact, if the
opposition were to have a near perfect voter turn out, it wouldn't even
need Central and large chunks of the Rift Valley. For let's face it,
Western, Coast, and Ukambani are notoriously low voter turn out regions.
Most of them- at least million- who are eligible to vote don't have
national identity cards.

The path to an opposition victory must not be so much a political route as
it should be a technocratic one. The focus should not just be on the
political message, but also on the nitty gritty of delivering a handy
election win.

In my estimation, the opposition must separate the Presidential campaign
from other campaigns, just as it separates the political wing of the party
from the technocratic wing. This is the only assured path to a landslide
victory by the opposition.

poor kikuyus are being used as a shield by elite kikuyus

in 2013, jubilees call to action was simple. that come vote for our
sons, uhuru kenyatta and william ruto because the white man is after
them. that if you dont vote for our sons, they will rot in the cold
jails at the hague. so, in essence, the election of uhuruto was an
immunity against Icc.

this time round, jubilee has no such clarion call. it basically woke
up the other and is launching white elephant projects like never

even with three presidents, the poor in central have gotten poorer by
the day. in essence then, the poor kikuyus are a shield to the wealthy
elite kikuyu. they must reject this dichotomy.

5 years on, uhuru has no signature achievement

We are days away from the august general election. But uhuru has no
signature achievement.

Picture this, you can say anything about former president moi. But you
cannot take away that his administration espoused political stability.
Similarly, you can say anything about former president mwai kibaki,
but you cannot take away the fact that he introduced free primary

What is uhuru's signature achievement? he divides rather than unite.
his administration is corrupt rather than prudent.

He promised ethnic harmony, he delivered ethnic hate. He promised
laptops, he delivered tablets to a few elite schools.

The choice for voters is clear. They cannot tolerate anymore uhuru's
under performance.

Instead of sacking corrupt officials, uhuru merely transfers them

President uhuru kenyatta does not have the will to fight corruption.
That is a fact. For how can he transfer health PS Nicholas Muraguri to
lands when he has been implicated in the 5 billion afya house scandal?

There are thousands upon thousands of honest, talented, and
hardworking kenyans that would have made a perfect replacement.

Such a blatant misjudging is what makes one give up on the future and
promise of kenya and africa. Sample this; since 1960, Africa has lost
at least a trillion dollars to corruption.

In that sense then, kenya and africa is not poor. It is merely mismanaged.